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I will update this page as time passes, will leave a date on the post as a blog within a blog, and share about what is Yogananda Ishaya all about.  

31 of March 2024

 I OBSERVE that in the Catering Service, I give to the world, people do not pay the overhead that a restaurant would cost, as the personnel at work is me and a waiter and a dishwasher, and we are both paid on the spot, my fees as a chef is an equal amount of the purchase goods. Yet the price of the Chef is ZERO, 0 pesos or dollars or yens, the soul that is delivered in the food isn't possible to pay for it. In the end that is the experience that is delivered in the food, not just the flavors that for that I am an expert, it is also the care and praise that the food entering your mouth in code on energy, that by itself will bring you to a different state of awareness. Money is to cover the means of the delivered Service, the Money will pay for the sustainability at Peace Village which is where I abide, and offer the space for meditation World Wide. I moved out of Merida, that no one can be a teacher on the soil who saw you come into the world, here I am chased by a nickname, TIO FILETE, and ROCHEF, some people disregard the formal name and choose to follow on the nickname and all what that entitles, the file of your locals will never change, for my sister and close relatives Yogananda Ishaya just sounds too funny to take it seriously, for that schmuck of a person that is a brat and a black sheep, and always finding ways to have a laugh around the name that bears my spiritual path to Union with the divine, why are people so envious on the path to union and means no joy for me as no one give a shit that Yogananda Ishaya can actually deliver something of high value onto their ephemeral lives if they devote some of the experiential life to go inward, and explore the depths of your soul and find out that the Veda which means VIDA, has the master keys to full freedom before death MAHAVAKYAS. But somehow people rather focus on the money, something that is going to stay behind. Rather than focus on what is eternal and does not require belief or effort.

Yes, a dumb Schmuck that is always behind, and never has a dime to use on his favor, and is always willing to ASK the other for SUPPORT, it doesn't matter really where the means come from, we are already the owners of the entire solar system, we own the earth and all the animals and plants that are before us, I share that ownership with every human on the planet, we are the owners of our solar system, and we are billionaires, not just the crowd with revolutionary and evolutive ideas that makes MONEY are entitled to last on a device to tell the world people -- ITS TIME TO WAKE UP. 

Life awareness begins in the first fundamental states of awareness, all SELFISH, and are all about the Survival of the Fittest, the Richer, the Alpha look etc. 

why is it called a waking up? this is due to the people that calibrate in 1/1 muladhara with muladhara actually being SLEEPING. Most gay people are asleep, as they find mortifying the body and promiscuity in the name of pleasure and extasis on the body alone. That there isn't room for anything else, than sex and the survival of the fittest. SAVING THE BODY, as the only means of feeling and survival. Nor so the lesbians I will speak about them later in this article.

Then there is one ones that vibrate in svadishtana / svadishtana -- DREAMING, is where all fantasies abide and are all self-directed in the sexual pleasures and all other pleasures on the survival of the fittest race to joy, my trip, my clothes, my perfume, my decisions, my awareness, my vision, my money, my family, my offsprings, my siblings, my my my my my my. DESIRE FOR SEXUAL REWARD. and the promiscuity continues on the path to discover that just sex or my desires are real. while claims to be the center of the universe and must surrender to whatever comes from that humanness of experience as god.

Dreaming is a vital part of the Second Level of Enlightenment, when the epic awakens on the Ajña estate of consciousness before arriving in Svadishtana yet living in Svadishtana without this previous awakening is like renting a horse cock to be fucked by without remorse, or hiring a boyfriend/girlfriend over the games people play to feel pleasure, enrolling in marriage, belief system and taxes among peers to provide the pleasure that is under the competency on the survival of the fittest. This is the awareness of the lesbian, it is all about feeling, while the higher purpose isn't accomplished due that the connection happens as the semen in the walls of the yoni activates de connection.

Awakening Svadishtana from the Ajña is like entering into a boost enough to propel one conscious awareness to Sahasrara, THE CROWN or full enlightenment - -- that powerful is our sexual organs, they are not just for reproduction, or to manage the means of everything that moves and evolves, it is the ENGINE that peoples one CONSCIOUS AWARENESS to Full Human Consciousness in Unity. While that needs to be awakened in a singular synchronicity sequence, that requires no beliefs and no effort for it to work, I don't know any system on the ego agenda to bring the mind into such bliss. This is the means to drive the desire to learn the Mahavakyas, and then life purpose may stand a chance. That is the purpose of this entire blog, discovering the sequence that will do its magic on awakening the beast into full human consciousness and the 1000 petals in his / her crown chakra will blissfully union the divine with the Muladhara experience, the first survival mode. THE PHYSICAL BODY.

Being AWAKE is the state of awareness we are in most of the time, it has past, future, and distance, three dimensions, and 5 senses. This state of awareness is what we call EGO, and its purpose is for us the experience creation and all its joys and pains. No one ever has become enlightened by reading books, hearing podcasts, or watching videos, all these activities are in ego to make the human stuck in his rational brain. Also, Marriage and all the prefabricated social names are all for mere entertainment and to keep the human bound to its own limitations, beliefs, and efforts. MANIPURA is the third world and people born in this state of awareness, chase money, chase relationships, chase stability through the survival of the fittest way to consort with reality.

These first three states of awareness are all EGO, the physical body is sleeping, the sexual body is dreaming, and changing the buck is the body of the astral body that we all carry about in one lifetime.

Then comes ANAHATA 4/4 which is the emotional body, and this one also is a trap, if the human doesn't know how to activate it, becomes a social encounter with people, dogs, and birds that you think you love especially, thus making love a thing.  When we are born we are born of the love of the infinite reality that is the source of all that is, thus we are already loved when we are born.  But ego insists on possessing everyone single and stuck, so life doesn't prosper.  Anahata is the departing point by Mahavakya to awaken the human soul to its true purpose.  Through Praise, Gratitude, Love, Compassion. When we learn these ropes, life. begins in earnest. 

this last one is NEUTRAL, yet the fifth to the seventh are the enlightened estates of awareness with everything we do and live. Everyone has all the states of awareness there, yet the human may not be aware of such a reality as the human body when entres this plane chooses two of nine estates of awareness to vibrate.  

5/5 is the first level of enlightenment VISHUDDHA, the human discovers he or she is the source of all that is within, and recognizes the ascendant as its true nature, what may be frustrating in this state of awareness is comprehending why the rest of the world is stuck in the lower states of awareness and do not notice the source within, passes un adverted.  Yet if you are born in this estate of awareness since birth you are always ok within as you are naturally aware of the infinite that abides within.  You may not see it in others and believe that life is as it must be, you are ok most of the time with whatever happens happens. 

6/6 Ajña This is the second level of enlightenment and it is where angels and demons abide. called the celestial realms, here divine intuition comes in handy as you are always protected from within on whatever endeavor you may choose to follow. it is also the voice of the holy spirit within. Here is where Svadishtana is awakened from its dreaming estate and becomes enlightened, then you no longer care of a sole special partner as you can see that everyone is already special. this is the limit of the ego influence

7/7 Sahasrara is Full Enlightenment in a body, if you were born in this duality, you are a master of your trade. Yet you have difficulty comprehending all the egocentric choices that other people make.  You lack the compassion to see others stuck on their limitations, and due to that, you have none.  You may assume that anyone can live where you are now, and that is a limitation within the expansion of a body.

8/8 Brahman is full enlightenment in 1000 places at the same time meaning all over creation, you embody the ego without and within, and there is no limits to you in any way.  

9/9 Krishna is a Christ and you are immortal and universal, there is no limits to this awareness, this is the sole space where Jesus was born.  No other human has been born with this awareness from inception, actually, he was so enlightened that had mastery over the other 8 states of awareness. That would be the pinnacle of the infinite within -  OUR BIRTH RIGHT. 

In each estate of awareness, there is three different levels of perception.

The basic is the obvious knowing the awareness, then settling into the awareness, and Being the awareness.  

Living in duality means you were born in either two of these, like I was born in the unconscious, in Sahasrara, and in the conscious Muladhara.  1/7 

have two friends who were both in 8/8 both still stuck in duality.  To live the full Union with the Divine, one must leave behind duality, and enter to UNITY.  this is done through the Mahavakyas, as the Human Being begins the journey of enlightenment from the HEART - from Anahata. That enlivens Vishudda the first level of enlightenment and then the upward spiral to full human consciousness happens on its own.  

Having an enlightened beginning doesn't assure success, most of the most stubborn people are those who think they know it all and do not receive good instructions, from lesser awareness, these individuals must desire to awaken to all the possibilities available to them in a lifetime. 

Find first the kingdom of heaven, and then, everything will be added onto you! 

Living by these awarenesses is what Yogananda Ishaya is all about. I learned these techniques when my life was so confusing, I left Mexico to discover new lands and people through the work of the chef, and in the trip, the Ishayas discovered me at the last restaurant I ever worked.  They didn't teach me ASCENSION, it was on my return from Alaska that I went to a class in Taos New Mexico and discovered these powerful techniques, they didn't make any difference at the beginning, but gave me some peace and direction, later when I went to learn the mastery course is that I discovered that the techniques actually lead the mind to our own enlightenment, So its is crucial to learn these as soon as possible, so you can begin the journey inwards that will take the rest of your life to savor.  


Praise for the Self, Gratitude for the created world, Love for who we are and Compassion for Humanity willing to behold the good in all sentient beings and live in harmony with one another without the ego in the lower levels of consciousness, rather activate them from the heart and behold your life unfolding for world peace. 

2 April 2024

Today life brings the space for changing location, I am in Cancun right now and came to aid a relative who is alone, alone is very difficult for people who are stuck in the senses. I learned that there was a friend with cancer, and I wanted to aid them, but the message didn't go through. We can't help those that aren't open to receive. We ought to let them have their creation and allow them to live through their difficulties due to IGNORANCE.   It is sad, but we can't interfere with fate and freedom of choice. 

3 April 2024 

Breakfast with the best view on the planet, open blue ocean, today I will be making Sous Vide and I am excited that veggies will cook slowly with butter and herbs.  Bum day to close my eyes and ascend, and send waves of joy to at least 10 km in radius, sometimes I embrace the planet and teach other people to embrace the planet with their awareness once they know ascension.  Sometimes I have tried this exercise with women who didn't ascend, and the reaction was fear to the grandiosity of the powerful awareness, so I exhort all of you humans that do not Ascend yet to consider learning ishayaearth.com 

# Hoy estoy ya en Merida, hice una production de Gravy Dog para el sustento de Villa de Paz,  promete dejar un total de 1200 fichas,  y see donaran 1 litro en 20 botellittas de 50 ml muestras (two serving)  Salsa Para las Croquetas de las mascotas, sabor a res dorada por el calor del horno, lastima que no sirve par a humanos, es una salsa estrictamente para animales, yo que soy chef professional ademas de ser monje con el team del ayurveda y el sama vera, y el rig veda, el primero es de la alimentacion, el segundo es el canto al espiritu santo en sanscrito y el tercero es el himno hacia la inmortalidad.  Villa de Paz requiere un sustento, que viene de la collaboration de las personas que vienen a participar de este proyecto de intension de llevar este planeta a la Paz, consiguiendo de esta manera, que los humanos de este planeta sean FELICES, a traves de los Mahavakyas, o las Actitudes de Ascension.  Dejamps atras la dualidad en la que see sobrevive, y entramos gradualmente a la vivencia de la UNIDAD en nuestros 9 estados de conciencia.


El Corazon, Los Milagros, Lo mundano, la intuition divina, la union sexual, la plena iluminacion, el cuerpo fisico, la creacion y la Universalidad.

El cuerpo del Amor, La Gloria, El Cuerpo del Ascendente, La Revelacion, El Universo, Inmortalidad, Primera Esfera (estres raiz), La Creacion, El infinito y mas alla. 

son 9 estados de conciencia,  vivimos desde el corazon Ascendiendo y entramos en el poder de los milagros, en este estado ninguna cantidad de sufrimiento es possible, porque los mahavakyas es el antidote ante del a creencia de que "algo" esta "mal".   y todo lo demas entonces viene por añadidura.

El ego deja de joderte la vida, la mente se clarifica y empiezas a escuchar la voz de la fuente via la intuition, ya tienes instructions precisas en cada "ahora" en que hacer y lo que sigue, el humano pierde el miedo y encuentra plena satisfaction sexual abiertamente con todas las personas, dejan de existir personas mas especiaeles que otras, el motivo de la vida deja de ser la supervivencia del mas fuerte, basado en terminos egocentricos como el dinero, la seguidad, y la famila nuclear y entramos en una dinamica different en comunidad, los amas a todos, y sientes con todos por igual, porque el objetivo ahora es LA PLENA ILUMINACION al servicio del otro, el si mismo pasa a segundo plano y el otro toma una importance mayor, entonces nunca nadie vive en la frustration o el abandono, y todos entran en perfecta satisfaction, abundancia asi es el  Nacimiento, dieta, Ascensión, austeridad y el Consciente Absoluto dan a luz perfección.

“Nacimiento” también significa “renacimiento.” Un nuevo nacimiento ocurre cada vez que uno experimenta el Absoluto. Cuando uno deja caer toda la basura mental acumulada aún solo por un instante y experimenta al Ascendente, la totalidad de la estructura del sistema de creencias se sacude. Esto es renacimiento; conforme esto sucede, la vida dramáticamente se mueve en dirección de la pureza. Mucha gente ha reorganizado completamente su vida sobre la base de una sola experiencia de la Realidad Elevada -- estos adoptan extensos sistemas de creencias o abandonan extensos sistemas de creencias, basados en un atisbo por detrás del velo de los sentidos.

La Conciencia Unificada resulta cuando las gunas regresan hacia adentro porque el propósito del Ascendente está cumplido, o cuando el Ser Absoluto es permanentemente estabilizado en el Poder Divino de la Pura Conciencia.


Las gunas regresando a su Fuente quizás hagan que la Conciencia Unificada parezca aburrida o un estado sin sentido, pero la segunda mitad de esta sutras apunta a la maravilla ilimitada y gozo del estado final de la conciencia humana. Toda la creación es percibida como parte y parcela del Ser Absoluto, todo espacio y tiempo es permeado con el poder y éxtasis de la perfección de Dios.

Esto es iluminación plena. ¡Esto es iluminación plena! 

Por eso vendemos Gravy Dog, hacemos servicios de chef de alta cocina, hacemos sanaciones a distancia, y enseñamos a Meditar. Donaciones son bienvenidas. Se reciben via TTX Fideicomiso.

26 de Abril 2024... 

Hoy me llego este escrito por parte de un Ascender... que resumio el articulo de que es el Ascendente, via Inteligencia Artificial e hizo un gran resume. aca see los comprarto. 

"La experiencia de ascender es muy común y corriente. No tiene nada de especial, por eso pasa desapercibida. Durante este proceso, tus sentidos y recuerdos se usan para entretenerte mientras te preparas para morir o para despertar a tu divinidad interna, que es tu derecho de nacimiento. Deja de haber un "yo" que defienda algo porque tu conciencia se fusiona con el todo. Tu mente se entrena como si fueras al gimnasio, es un proceso mecánico. Si crees que es grandioso, genial, si no, no importa. Si te sientes atascado, pide ayuda. Pedir ayuda ya te da un buen avance. El resto viene de la sabiduría divina para que puedas superar tus limitaciones y dejar atrás el juego de la vida terrenal, convirtiéndote solo en el observador eterno. Esto es quien realmente eres. Cultiva este proceso ascendente."



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