I CAN TRAIN YOUR SPACE SUIT - so You in turn can play on the Peace Playground,

Your Body Suit is a Marvelous Device to cruise this living experience
And it can be trained to exist solely in the Eternal Now.


Who am I? and why if this is a Spanish blog, I am venturing into an English one within?  Because up to high school I was Spanish speaking person, English was the hardest learning, but since once I set myself to get something I am stubborn.  I was the worse student every teacher has to put up with, and in the second secondary, I lost my classroom group of mates. I traveled with these dudes since the kinder garden, and my behavior trow me off tracks, and I was spelled from High School, never went to college, rather studied something that still gives me a lot of Passion, and I am well known on my taste for Gourmet Cuisine.  So far you know I like to cook, and that English was hard as hell to learn, yet I left high school on bad terms, the last Christmas before that event, I was given by my teacher an A+ in Behaviour, and my whole family was spooked that my aunt invited me to attend high school in Canada, and with that year I was among Canadians, I was almost spelled on five different occasions, I wrote backward the music test in which I was obliged to play the clarinet, and I could not give a rat ass importance to the teacher that he crying went to see the dean of students, and my dad was called on the phone on such a meeting.  I didn't get spelled due that English was an obstacle and it didn't count on other countries, it was a sabbatical for me, from my own environment and the chance to deal with another language, now you know why I speak such great English.  

Why did I tell you about me? so you get to know my background and why they aim to write in English in such a Blog and with such a BOLD statement:

I can train your space suit (your body, mind, and soul) 

so You in turn can play on the Peace Playground

I assure you that if you follow along the lines of this brief article, and do the work, you will play on the peaceful playground, which we call Peace Village this concept was created by a man, who with his own conscious awareness plotted a means to tell the Human Race that is time to be wiser, he rather sees it from his only appreciation which is the Biology Statement:   The name of his Novel,    rebellion, final and final which is only available on Amazon in Spanish.  Peace Village is a means to a goal - came to be simply the most agreeable for peace human behavior polished on the biology, which is real, we are biological beings. 

After High School I set course to travel the world until I conquer that which I want which was cooking and a means for peace,  I was tired and exhausted from dealing with so much egocentrism, egoism, and lack of means promoted to be given by others and taking advantage, even from the naive, I was raped, abused, ignored, tired of living my life with constant pain. That I said I will never repeat a place and will never ever compromise on the altar of any convenience.  I had two great assets "cooking & English" 

After s very tough years in the cooking end of the formation, I traveled the world: everyone eats and everyone almost speaks English, and I set sails, and off I went to the discovery of other ingredients and places and people, I manage to go to tv talks, tv shows and speak and wrote to the world about ingredients, then was no social media as today, as it all stayed local.   I was pampered to continue on the traveling end, with a book:  "the lazy man path to enlightenment"  this brief book took me to Seattle, across the United States from Philadelphia, and set foot on a walkabout.   as I arrived at the northwest, I was living on a cabin between two hills and lots of firs,  with a quiet creek where salmon came back to spawn, simply awesome, I came onto such a bliss through "cooking and English" and was received in this peoples home, and had 3 months of the most magnificent teacher, that prepared me to what was to come.

That season I met Sukradev, Durga, Parvati, Savitr, Usas, and Rama, still, they were just the people that happily walked into the restaurant I cooked at, La Gaviota, Latin Cuisine they were not yet Ishayas none of them.  They all were not yet Ishayas, they were on the brink to attend their Teacher Training in Fiji with MSI. -- as they did that I got married to a lovely woman in a sweet park in magnolias.  just when I disembarked from Alaska - got married and moved to "el Paso" by car.  Such a lovely drive through Bryce Canyon and other incredible landscapes. 

one year into the marriage, I began translating the book Fist Thunder, just off my First Sphere, and I was in such joy, reading and meeting real people, Balarama, Dharini, and monks on the tradition of the Ishayas,  2 years later, I wanted to join the Ishayas and I was married and living in Port Orchard in the Puget Sound area.   and this statement did it for me.

If you look for evil even to fix it since you are the creator of all there is, 

you will create it until its bitter end, thus you are still part of the problem and not the solution, 

I set to meet the Ishayas in 1997, lived with them for 4 years,  did my training, and discovered something that still leads my life.  The Ishayas Technology to keep the human in alignment with the heart and the infinite within and without is the means of this teaching which is the Veda Mahavakyas:

And these are the 4 first techniques of te Ishayas Ascension:  

These Techniques are called Ascension and are to be our common denominator in all the participants in Peace Village towards Happy Humans.

Happy Humans is the new Cultural Paradigm for Humans in this sector of the Universe
and Ishayas Ascension and Peace Village Merge on an incredible destination

we will be located within the Caribbean Sea Biosphere Reserve.
There is a protocol to accept applications. 

the now is always coherent

the human creates through imagination, thoughts that come from the past, toward the future, or the distant, that is a chaotic brain with a storm over it.

While the Brain Ascending is always in harmony.


This is the means for the existence of Peace Village. 


The Mastery Training by the Ishayas Ascension will bring anyone to his or her Conscious awareness that there is only one game in town.  AWAKE to your innermost reality or KEEP being part of the problem 


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